Migraine Headache Treatments

A migraine headache can be a very painful headache that makes you miserable as you might know. In some cases calling for migraine headache treatments one can be sensitive to light and sound, and can even lead to nausea and vomiting. They are more commonly found in women than in men but i have had migraine headaches and they are a horrible thing to deal with. Within this article migraine headaches will be discussed in length to include symptoms, causes, treatment, and possible prevention.

Migraine headache treatments come in two forms:

• Non – medicated treatment: This entails various ways to prevent or stop a migraine headache once it starts. If a migraine headache is caught in the early stages it is easier to handle the symptoms and deal with eliminating the problem. A major cause for migraine headaches is stress so there are a few ways to solve the problem without medication. Stress management, acupuncture, and massages are just a few of the ways to relieve and prevent migraines.

• Medical treatment: Most people who suffer from migraines turn to medicine for migraine headache treatment. Such medicines as Excedrin Migraine, Tylenol Extra Strength, or Tylenol with Codeine. These are just a few of the medicines that can help lessen irritation or eliminate migraine headaches. Please be sure to read and follow directions on the bottle. Another migraine headache medicine can be prescribed by your doctor. These medications can really help but they are given for mostly severe cases and patients.

Migraine headache treatments can be a short or extensive process depending on the severity of the migraine. Personally I have a migraine headache for two days and that is not even worse case scenario. If one is to use preventive measures and take medication or other approaches migraine headaches will not be as severe. I hope that this information will be of some help and look at the sub articles to learn more on migraine headaches.